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The Genius Of Gertie

Silly. Nutty. Wacky. Many words are used to describe Gertie and her masterpieces . . . but never genius. Despite a lack of appreciation, she loves to create and eventually finds recognition for her unique style of genius. Read The Genius of Gertie to find out about her creative use for bird poop and why she thinks pants make great hats.

Genre: Fiction/Children’s Picture Book
Pages: 32
Price: $14.95 (US) Hardback

Hardback: 978-0-9967616-1-1

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Lynn Witt

Lynn has enjoyed children's books throughout her life, whether in elementary school participating in summer library reading programs, or during college in Children's Literature classes.  When she became a mother, she read books to her own children;  it was a joy for her to see them light up with wonder.  After a life of pouring out love for her family and community, she now pours her love into her passion for children's literature. Join Lynn as she takes the complexities of life and simplifies them into tangible truths that a child can understand.