"As a veteran author who has had books published every way possible from self-publishing to working with a traditional publisher, I have to say that Bookpress has found the ideal middle ground that supports an author in all of the most important ways without robbing them of their earning potential. I loved the experience so much that I have recommended Bookpress to several clients and friends who also were ready to tell their story.

My next book (and any books after that) will bear the Bookpress mark of excellence!  I wouldn't want to do it without them."

Drew McLellan
Author of Sell with Authority

"The first time I called Bookpress, I knew they were the right fit for me. Their well-organized process and easy-to-understand business model gave me confidence that my book would get completed, be done well, and stay on-budget. I knew that if I took a year out of my life to write a book with Bookpress, it would be something I could be proud of and that others would benefit from. I knew I couldn’t do that on my own or with a self-publishing option.

From the start, Bookpress helped me organize the project, then patiently coached me through each step. Without being pushy, they encouraged me to keep a writing pace, helped me find the right voice, gave me some invaluable suggestions, and involved some incredible editors and proofreaders who offered game-changing insights into how my book should be organized and how readers might react to it. In the end, I was extremely happy with the outcome—even the cover!

When I learned my book won the Axiom Business Book Awards’ 2020 Gold Medal in the marketing category, I was astounded. A year ago, I wondered whether anyone would even read this book. I can say without exaggeration that this never would have happened if it weren’t for Bookpress Publishing, their excellent process, and their outstanding team. I give them my highest recommendation."  

Steve Wolgemuth
Author of The Crucial 12

"I could ask for no better partners for my work as an author than the people at Bookpress Publishing. They have the expertise, as well as the connections in the publishing and distribution worlds, to make a real difference in the success of a writer’s work.  More importantly, they genuinely care about the author’s success. As a company founded by authors, Bookpress is led by people who understand the angst that comes from writing and editing, and they support their authors through every step of the process. No matter what my question or need has been, Bookpress has been there to help. I appreciate everything Bookpress has done for me, and I frequently recommend them to other authors."

Joseph LeValley
Author of Burying the Lede, Cry from an Unknown Grave, The Third Side of Murder, and Performing Murder

"Bookpress Publishing has done a tremendous job publishing a top-quality book for me. I'm an award-winning author today because of the personal help and coaching by their team. They provide a great service, and I recommend checking them out if you're looking a publisher."

Jackie Haley
Author of Brenda's Wish

"Working with Bookpress Publishing has been so easy and efficient! Not knowing anything about how to publish a book, the Bookpress team was knowledgeable and did a great job holding our hand throughout the process. We couldn’t be happier with the end result, and Bookpress continues to support us and cares about our success. If you are looking for a company that will take you from zero to hard copy and beyond, look no further."

Phillip Ramsey
Author of Uncommon Wealth