The Versatility Factor

"The Versatility Factor combines great research with practical suggestions to give you a guidebook to your future.  It provides fantastic coaching advice for the leaders of today, and even better coaching for the leaders of tomorrow!"

Marshall Goldsmith––New York Times #1 best-selling author of Triggers and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, two of’s ‘Top 100 Leadership & Success Books’ ever written.

"Understanding SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility is one of the single greatest factors in my career success. Having high EQ is critical in making sure that what you communicate is heard, understood, and accepted. It’s not what you say, or how you say it, it’s how you make people feel.  I can honestly say that my career would be in a far different, and worse place today, if I hadn’t achieved the skills taught in this book.  I live SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility in my personal and professional encounters, and the difference they make is dramatic."

Jim Knauss––Global Vice Chair of Accounts and Business Development, EY

"I have introduced the SOCIAL STYLE Model in 2013 to all the leaders in BASF’s ‘Supply Chain Operations & Information Services’ organization. This concept has supported us in increasing leadership performance, building relationships, and working in global teams. SOCIAL STYLE is a practical tool for working well with others who are different from you and to make sure that everybody’s strengths are used well."

Dr. Robert Blackburn––President BASF Supply Chain Operations & Information Services, Germany

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