The Ties That Bind

"Communication today is largely through emails and text messages, which does not provide the opportunity to really get to know the people around us. Danny Beyer has put into words why it is important and how to reach out and really get to know others on a personal level.  It is those personal relationships that truly enhance our lives. The Ties that Bind: Networking with Style is a book I would highly recommend to anyone looking to more successfully build their careers and friendships by getting to know and making a difference in the lives of others as well as their own."

- Steve Chapman, CEO of Ruan and Former CEO of ITA Group

"Danny Beyer has written a practical, interesting, and much needed book in these uncertain economic times.  In The Ties that Bind, it is his use of personal stories to illustrate his main points that kept me reading.  Networking is often misunderstood and some groups have a negative image of it.  But Beyer emphasizes how to initiate, cultivate, and nurture relationships and these are timeless and priceless skills to learn or relearn for people of all ages."

- Dr. Jann E. Freed, Author of Leading With Wisdom: Sage Advice from 100 Experts

"This book is great for everyone - people who are new to (or scared of) networking, seasoned networking pros who could use a few reminders, and everyone in between.  Human beings want to have connections and this book demystifies the process into something easy, relatable and natural.  I highly recommend it."

- Kristin Runyan, Co-Author of Introduction to Agile Methods

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