The Crucial 12

"A lot of talk about strategies and marketing are made in the corporate world, but most people regard these words as ephemeral concepts, buzzwords even. The author of this book owns and operates a marketing firm and uses his expertise and experience with clients both good and bad to help leaders identify the details they should be focusing on when creating a plan for their business marketing. Breaking the approach down into a dozen questions that every good marketing plan is built around, this book is designed to teach leaders to identify the qualities of a marketing strategy that will benefit them or at least see the questions that a good agency should be asking when delivering the pitch or preparing to collaborate. Blending personal experiences, professional expertise, and hypothetical examples, this book will help sole proprietors and CEOs alike.

The key benefit to a book with this kind of structure is that it gives the uninformed reader plenty to work with just by reading the table of contents. Each section or question takes a simple, eye-catching idea and builds upon it, giving deeper insight and greater direction for those that want more direction and more information. The author’s style is easygoing yet authoritative, creating a business book that teaches but doesn’t bore while also keeping the reader engaged with new ideas and energy on every single page. There is also a plethora of knowledge here for marketers who need to find ways to stand out among an increasingly large field of competition. Modern and sensible, this is a book full of practical advice that businesses of any size can use and that marketers can learn from. It is a book which provides both groups with a common language to develop and deploy ideas and strategies."

- US Review of Books

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