Strength & Honor

"Colonel Hinck's book is more than Strength & Honor, it's grit, determination, compassion, perseverance, humor, and above all else, undeniable leadership. The 64 lessons should be taught in every school and company in America. This is a must read for anyone who wishes to pursue excellence personally and professionally."

- Adam Carroll, Co-Author of Winning the Money Game and Cofounder of Succeed Faster

"Leadership is caught and taught, and in Strength & Honor, John Hinck reflects on his own life journey to illustrate important leadership lessons learned. His book captures a wide range of core leadership principles and wisdom that will not only inform but also inspire leaders from all walks of life."

- Dr. Verna Cornelia Price, Best Selling Author of The Power of People and founder of Girls in Action™

"This is a book for all ages - from young adults who are interested in leadership development to Executive Directors of organizations. As a CEO, the lessons in Strength & Honor remind me of the key relationship between the individuals and the mission of our organization. These especially include the stories about asking the right questions, discussing values and committing to your staff. Best of all these stories are experiences we can relate to within our own lives."

- Bill Farkas, CEO of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

"Strength & Honor captures the importance that family, church, DeMolay and the military played in John's life....his stories are valuable lessons youth and adults can really relate to in their own life! John delivers a powerful book on leadership!"

- Tom Moberly, Executive Director of the Northern California DeMolay Association

"It is always my hope to take away a few life enriching lessons from every leadership book I read. In Strength & Honor, you get 64 lessons which will improve your life at all levels! The stories will resonate with all types of leaders, specifically younger generations and those who are learning to lead as they begin their careers."

- Dan Nilsen, CEO of Bishop-McCann

"John Hinck is a natural born leader. In Strength & Honor, we find, through John's life lessons and experiences, just how he refined his talents to be one of the most energetic and accomplished motivational leaders of today. His true tales in this book are refreshing and a must read for all determined leaders of profits and nonprofits."

- David A. Glattly, 33°, Active Member and Deputy for New Jersey Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction

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