The Third Side Of Murder

“It's easy to get caught up in Tony's plight, and one finds oneself turning the pages faster and faster to see what's coming next. Like the best of storytellers, the author has saved an intriguing surprise for the end. Chances are, it's one that readers won't see coming.”

- U.S. Review of Books––Recommended

“Just like the first two Tony Harrington novels, I couldn’t put this one down! It’s a compelling page-turner with all of the classic elements of a murder-mystery, set in a place most of us only dream of visiting.  I have no doubt we’ll be seeing this character on the big screen eventually!”


"More than just a murder mystery, this thriller is about taking risks, making choices that hold dangerous consequences, and moving beyond the role of being a small-time reporter for the Orney Town Crier. The story's fast pace and personal connections will keep readers involved to the end."

- Midwest Book Reviews––Recommended

"After three books, Tony Harrington has become family. His latest adventures in Italy and New York are page turners. Author Joseph LeValley has once again captured a character and story well worth following."

- DAVID C. ELBERT––Des Moines Business Record

"The Third Side of Murder by Joseph LeValley is the latest novel in the Tony Harrington Series and may be the best one yet. It works as a standalone thriller as well. The story begins off the Amalfi coast of southwest Italy. Tony must attend a family funeral for his Italian niece, Noemi. Everyone loved Noemi, a beautiful young woman of twenty-six who lived in a small village in Amalfi where everyone knows whatever is going on in town. She tragically falls to her death, dancing atop a narrow stone wall overlooking the magnificent coastline. The villagers knew she did this routine almost every day and, as a trained dancer, she never seemed to be in any danger, until the day she fell. Tony Harrington, a newspaper reporter from Iowa, could not believe her death was an accident, even though his relatives and natives of the small village keep telling him it was. His curiosity gets the better of him and despite being discouraged by everyone in town, he investigates the cause of Noemi’s death.

The Third Side of Murder is packed with major and minor characters, each contributing to the suspense and intrigue as Tony investigates why certain people want him to go back home and forget his quest for the truth. His inquiries lead to a possible serial killer from New York on the loose and dangerous meetings with Mafia types who do not wish to be disturbed by the brass and an intrepid small-town reporter. Joseph LeValley has created a likable, but flawed character in Tony Harrington, who has a habit of sticking his nose in places that get him into trouble, and cause problems for his steadfast friend, Doug Tenney, and his newspaper boss and editor, Ben. Tony’s quest to find answers takes him to Naples and New York City as well. There are scary crime bosses, a sadistic killer, and a femme fatale love interest named Erica. I especially liked the descriptions of iconic eateries in Italy and New York as well as Tony’s pal Doug’s penchant to eat anything on the menu while in the Big Apple. Be prepared for some clever twists and turns building up to a climax and, most of all, enjoy the ride!"

- Steve Leshin for Readers’ Favorite - 5 Stars

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