Messages On The Moon

“Messages on the Moon uniquely blends the true spirit of Apollo 11, “We came in peace for all mankind”, with the technology available in 1969 in a way that explains how the leaders of 73 countries around the world could share in the moment. In the size of about a USA half-dollar coin Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were able to leave on the Moon’s surface 73 individual messages of congratulations to America and expressions of their own hopes for a future of peace.  This informative and inspiring story is for people of all ages!"

- Gerry Griffin -Apollo 11 Flight Director

"This book is a great introduction to the Apollo 11 mission for kids. My four grandchildren will love it. The illustrations are terrific and the book isn't too information-laden to seem like schoolwork. Perfect combination!”

- James R. Hansen, author of FIRST MAN: THE LIFE OF NEIL A. ARMSTRONG

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