Finding Success

"Finding Success is a huge success. In a results-oriented culture, this penetrating work explains how genuine success begins with being the person you want to be. But it's not just theory; the GPS Theory Model shows you how to identity your core vaules and live an inspired life, regardless of your circumstances. If you're looking for greater meaning, purpose, or fulfillment in your life, then Finding Success and GPS theory might be the navigation system you need to get you on the path of success."

- Leon R. Hayduchok, Author of Dying to Control: The 21st Century Dilemma

"Finding Success is a must read for anyone caught in a rut or wanting to make an immediate, and meaningful, impact and achieve a more successful life. Tom's step-by-step guide shows the reader how living a life based on Core Values provides greater happiness and satisfaction even as trials and failures take place. His GPS Theory model is easy to understand and though provoking at the same time. Are you tired of being blown through life like a paper airplane in the breeze? Take the time to read through Tom's stories and learn how to take control and live the successful life you dreamed of as a kid."

- Danny Beyer, Networking Ninja and Author of Ties That Bind: Networking With Style

"Finding Success combines compelling stories with practical application to encourage readers to achieve the success the most long for while staying true to their Core Values. Eakin's GPS Theory decision-making model provides new perspectives on the most stuck areas of your life's journey. A powerful and inspiring read for leaders of all ages."

- Karin Hurt, CEO of Let's Grow Leaders and Author of Overcoming An Imperfect Boss

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