Change, Inc.

"Although I could intellectually understand Agile, I was having a hard time practically applying the Agile principles in my workplace. This book makes it so clear! Literally every tool Kristin mentions can help one department/team or another. Change, Inc. has provided me with a new perspective, approach and toolbox to create a more collaborative and empowered team. I plan to read it over and over and over again."

- Jamie Shae, Senior Project Director, Iowa Lottery

"Change, Inc. calls out, ‘Agile is easy in theory, but hard in practice.’ Runyan details the disciplines of Agile, showing them not as ceremonies for the sake of the action, but for the value each discipline brings. Similar to the Phoenix Project, Runyan lays out Agile in a way that is easily accessible and truly starts with the why. I highly recommend Change, Inc., for anyone who is looking to understand why an organization would choose Agile, how to think differently about business and what is available as a result."

- BJ Miller, Agile Specialist, Rally Software & Olympic Gold Medalist

"Change Inc. is an incredible read that takes the complicated concepts of Agile and transforms them into an easy to understand guide applicable to all aspects of the business world, not just IT. Kristin shares her experience and shows how the tools of Agile can help an organization operate more efficiently in this rapidly changing world. It made such an impact that my wife and I have instituted ideas like the "fist of five" in our household for making major decisions. Put in to practice, this book can change both your professional and personal life!"

- Danny Beyer, Author of The Ties That Bind: Networking with Style

"After reading Change, Inc., I am excited to explore incorporating Agile practices into my legal practice. This book opened my eyes to Agile's unique philosophies and ability to adapt well beyond software development. By leveraging the power and simplicity of a project board, as described in this book, I can easily see how the practice will help our team quickly track and monitor progress on some of the most complex commercial litigation matters."

- Matt McKinney, Corporate Attorney

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