Beware The Purple People Eaters

“WOW!  Anthony Paustian blends wisdom and words in a how-to book dedicated to shaping your life. The reading is easy and the message profound.  Written by one of the most dynamic and diverse people I have ever met, Beware the Purple Eaters offers sound advice for building personal leadership skills all right here in black and white…and purple.  This is a book I plan to give to many of my friends as a gift that will definitely keep on giving.”

––DR. DAVID GALLO, co-expedition leader for the RMS Titanic

“This is an awesome book!  For all people in need of a ‘tune-up’––from professional athletes to business leaders to everyday doers––Beware the Purple People Eaters provides the tools necessary to succeed.“

––MARK COLLINS, retired NFL cornerback and two-time Super Bowl
  Champion with the New York Giants

“A must read!  This is not a conventional book, but instead one that goes well beyond the boundaries of personal leadership. Rather than simply advising to ‘look outside the box,’ Dr. Anthony Paustian leverages a series of life lessons to captivate and challenge readers to find the innovation and creativity to change the box they are in, and in doing so, accomplish their mission. Beware the Purple People Eaters is guaranteed to change the way you think!”


“A fantastic read.  Dr. Anthony Paustian gives us the road map to personal responsibility and leadership as we define the dash between the years of our life!”

––BOBBY HANSEN, retired NBA guard with the World Champion  
   Chicago Bulls

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