Astronaut Al Travels To The Moon

“Al Worden has coupled his real trip to the Moon with his wonderful poetry in a way that makes you feel you're alongside him on Apollo 15.  What a delightful voyage it is to go along as Astronaut Al Travels to the Moon.”

- Gerry Griffin, Lead Flight Director for Apollo 15

"Apollo 15 astronaut Al Worden is one of America's most beloved space heroes. Along with being a remarkable pilot and astronaut Al had an extraordinarily creative mind and deeply compassionate and broad-minded human spirit. All of that brilliance and more shines through in this charming book authored for children by astronaut Worden."


"This is a gorgeous book to read to little astronauts that promotes mindfulness through the poetry of Al Worden during his journey in space. The story of his adventure to lunar orbit is written in such a soft tone that complements the beauty of the art. What sets this book apart from others is that it not only explains to a young reader what Al did on the mission, but it delves into his heart and emotions. Included on each page are poetic verses created by Al himself, inspired by the beauty that surrounded him.I am a Children’s Librarian and I read this book as part of a Space themed storytime. It is not easy to hold the attention of children 4 years old and under! As I changed the pages the childrens actually said "Whoa"! Al’s story is written in a descriptive yet simple enough way so children young and old will understand and be inspired to learn more. I can’t go on enough about how spectacular the illustrations are. The details held the attention of even the smallest child."

- Stefanie Gangone, Children's Librarian and creator of "Library for the Kind" and Director of Outreach and Interviewer for Storytime Solidarity

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