Adaptive Selling

“There's no question about the value of SOCIAL STYLE. I can tell you unequivocally and without a doubt that if it hadn't been for the Style training I took, I wouldn’t be where I am today and have had the career success I have enjoyed. There's just no way. It has been that one critically important skill that I think has made all the difference for me.”

- JIM KNAUSS II––Global Markets Leader, People Advisory Services, EY

“Many of the sales processes and methods in the market today are fine and they can work. What they typically do not address is EQ, the softer set of selling skills that are required to be consistently successful in sales. And that comes at you from different dimensions. It’s not just the client interactions. It's the pursuit team that you build on the selling side. It's the delivery leadership team and how they mirror the client from a SOCIAL STYLE standpoint, demographically, and from an organization-accountability perspective.”

- JOHN MAGUIRE––Senior Vice President Sales, Chief Sales Officer, Cognizan

“If you could gain the magical interpersonal skills that would instantly enhance your ability to connect with your customers and co-workers like never before, would you be interested? If I said the same skills would also drive enhanced relationships with your friends and family, what would you say? TRACOM's SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility provide the Social Intelligence a person needs to honestly and authentically improve rapport, demonstrate enhanced leadership, and connect with those they interact with on a regular basis.”

- MIKE MILLER––Sr. Manager Learning & Development, Reynolds American, Inc.

“SOCIAL STYLE is unquestionably a very powerful way of looking at the world. It's clear, it’s memorable, and it's something that you can apply quickly as opposed to many other models. You only need to remember four Styles and how to work with each of them. Even in the heat of the moment you can quickly apply SOCIAL STYLEs to build a productive relationship.”

- PETER MATTHEWS––Senior Partner

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