A Quarter Million Steps

"Highly recommended not just for business readers, but for artists, thinkers, creators, and inventors." Click HERE for the complete review.

- Midwest Book Reviews

"Dr. Paustian’s book uniquely addresses leadership and how it must be applied in all of our lives, now more than ever. It's a great read!"

- Captain Gene Cernan, Gemini 9, Apollo 10 and 17 astronaut, and the last man to walk on the Moon

“I loved reading this book. As a science enthusiast from my many years on MythBusters, the journey from inspiration to innovation has always fascinated me. A Quarter-Million Steps could easily be considered an instruction manual for helping creative souls become the great leaders and innovators vital for our future. We need this book now more than ever.”

- Kari Byron, Co-host of Discovery Channel’s MythBusters and co-host of White Rabbit Project on Netflix

“Reading Anthony’s book made me think about why I do what I do. That never-ending inspiration, invention, creation, and dedication are what forces us to become dreamers and leaders. Understanding that failure is a path to success is one of the most important lessons I have learned through life. A Quarter-Million Steps takes us on multiple scenarios through time and space, trial and error, and blood, sweat, and tears, giving us the gift that someday every kid could realize their dream if they want it bad enough.”

- Howard Berger, Oscar and Emmy Award-winning visual effects and make-up artist

“Dr. Anthony Paustian takes the reader on a pragmatic journey to achieving his or her goals and dreams. Regardless of one’s life experience, everyone can benefit by picking up this easy-to-read book and taking it to heart.”

- Dr. David Gallo, Oceanographer and Co-Expedition Leader to the wreckage of the RMS Titanic

“When reading Dr. Paustian’s latest book, A Quarter Million Steps, it quickly becomes apparent that this book was written from a deep passion for innovative thinking. Perhaps that's what makes the written words so luminous. This highly readable and infinitely intriguing book offers a roadmap to achievement. He explains methods for enhancing imagination and introduces the possibility of gaining new perspectives through various exercises. These ideas help tie everything together in a very elegant, intelligent, and logical way, while providing insight to solving problems that can seem insurmountable. The ideas presented are tremendously inspiring and empowering, and they will resonate with anyone who is interested in following their dreams and enhancing their success.”

– Jon Wellner, Actor (CSI Las Vegas and Oceans Thirteen) and co-founder of Entertainment Research, Inc.

“Drawing inspiration from perhaps the most remarkable feat of human imagineering in history, the Apollo Space Program, Dr. Paustian demonstrates the specific characteristics required to achieve something remarkable in life today in his fascinating new book, A Quarter Million Steps. This highly readable book is peppered with entertaining personal and historical anecdotes that provide a how-to guide to unlocking your imagination, creativity and leadership potential.”

– Dr. Niall McCann, explorer, biologist and host of the Biggest and Baddest on Animal Planet and Nat Geo Wild.

“Any leader today must understand how to drive change and shape the future. The engine of change is innovation, its fuel is creativity. This empowering book provides both the inspiration and the pragmatic steps to help you become a future shaper. Through his rare blend of experiences and unique insights, Dr. Anthony Paustian uses one of the greatest examples in human history, the Apollo space program, to illustrate key takeaways of how you can harness your creativity to generate meaningful innovation and shape new frontiers.”

– Gabor George Burt, Global strategy and innovation pioneer, author of the bestselling book, Slingshot

“Ever the educator, Dr. Paustian navigates readers through modern-day challenges using his passion for history, unique cultural insight, and humor. But it is the way Dr. Paustian calls readers to action that holds the greatest potential for authentic impact, no matter where a reader is in his or her education, career, or personal journey.”

- Cassie Kloberdanz Lee, Former NASA aerospace engineer, commercial spaceflight executive, writer, and co-founder of the Brooke Owens Fellowship Program

“I’ve been teaching creative problem solving for over 50 years and have read dozens of books on the subject. I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Paustian’s very timely contribution to this list. He brings a very personal journey to the topics of imagineering, focus, persistence, and leadership. I loved his “Taking a Few More Steps” segments and have already adapted a number of them into my classroom activities. (A number of years ago, I wrote a book on creativity. . .I liked Dr Paustian’s book better than my own!) ”

- Dr. Gene Poor, Scott Hamilton Professor of Entrepreneurship, Bowling Green State University

"This book is for anyone wanting to achieve more, be more, and think more powerfully. I highly recommend this quick, fun read to anyone as a great source of inspiration."

– Kaila Mullady, 2015 World Beat Box Champion

“Dr. Anthony Paustian's latest book is an easy read, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. A Quarter-Million Steps is full of great ideas which are presented in ways that make them very useful and easy to remember.“

- Captain Alan Bean, Apollo 12 and Skylab astronaut and the 4th man to walk on the Moon

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