Bookpress is your publishing partner

With millions of new books published each year, it’s easy to become overwhelmed or even a bit lost in the publishing process. At Bookpress Publishing, our primary job is to become your personal navigator. Whether your book is published traditionally or through a hybrid model, we will guide you throughout the entire development of your book, from the cultivation of your idea (or whatever the stage of your current manuscript) to the moment you hold the book in your hands for the first time to the full distribution of your book. We help compress a very complicated process into something manageable for any writer, entrepreneur, or leader.

Our Commitment

We follow strict publishing standards and vet every project for editorial quality. If a manuscript is not yet ready to begin the formal editing and production process, we will work directly with you in a coach/mentor capacity. We ensure the resulting book makes you proud when you hold it in your hands for the first time. Do your due diligence prior to working with any company. Bookpress Publishing is committed to complete transparency throughout the entire experience with every deliverable explained up front in writing. We are committed to quality and will not make false promises.

Our Approach to Publishing

Regardless of the publishing model used for your book, ALL books published and distributed through Bookpress Publishing are done so using the same high-quality standards used by the largest, established publishers. However, there are some differences as detailed below:


Distribution and sales through traditional publishers occur primarily within four markets: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Independent Bookstores, and Miscellaneous Retail (includes Target, Walmart, Costco, Sam’s, airports, etc.). Traditional publishers have exceptionally strong distribution networks with all forms of wholesalers and retailers. Books that are deemed to be potentially strong sellers (bestseller track) or have already shown demonstrated sales (and/or are already qualified as a bestseller) will definitely benefit from their networks. However, a new, unproven book will only be provided shelf space in bookstores if they have evidence a book will sell. Shelf space is very limited for the millions of books being released each year. Even if your book is granted shelf space, it will only remain for a maximum of a few weeks unless sales justify otherwise. Unless you are a bestselling or proven author or have enough support to convince the miscellaneous retailers to display your book (again, for only a few weeks unless sales dictate otherwise), your book will never appear there. At Bookpress Publishing, we've had great success helping authors to utilize their personal networks in conjunction with national trade distribution to help them generate sales (through our distributor, their books are available through the same retail channels used by traditional publishers).


Traditional publishers will typically support new books with adequate marketing dollars only if they believe the book has serious sales potential. Thus, proven, established authors are more likely to receive this marketing support rather than new, unproven authors. Even if they do market your book, it will only occur for a short period of time after which you will be responsible for your own marketing. Ultimately, 99% of your book’s success will hinge on your willingness to keep promoting it through social media, blogs, interviews, speaking, etc. While Bookpress Publishing markets and promotes new books though a variety of trade advertising, catalogs, and book shows, we also assist and support you in your efforts through marketing planning and, if desired, the creation of marketing materials, advertising, etc. It is important to note that you as the author will always be the best marketer for your book since no one will be more passionate about your book than you.


Once you sign a contract with a traditional publisher, you give up most of the control of your book including editing, design, distribution, etc. In fact, while they own the copyrights to your book during the contract period, they don’t actually have to publish it (or it may take an exceptionally long time to do so). At Bookpress Publishing, you retain full control of all aspects related to your book.

publishing time:

Traditional publishers typically take 12-18 months (or longer) to complete a book. At Bookpress Publishing the production duration directly depends upon your goals and how much time it requires you to respond to editing feedback, rewrites, approvals, information requests, etc. However, most books at Bookpress Publishing are completed within 8-12 months.


Like traditional publishers, Bookpress Publishing uses professional editors and you will receive no less than two content edits followed by 5-12 proof edits. Also, other professionals will be looped in to provide fresh reads of your book for immediate feedback. Book cover and content formatting will be created by award-winning designers.


Traditional publishers will occasionally provide advances (but typically not for new, unproven authors). Royalty amounts from traditional publishers usually range from 8-15% (10% is typical) for print and 20-25% for ebooks (there is little to no cost to a traditional publisher for ebooks, yet they take 75-80% of the profits). At Bookpress Publishing, we are a flat-rate, partnership publisher and we take NO profits from the sales of your book unless you are enrolled in our national distribution program, and even then the percentage is minimal for our hybrid model (a traditionally published book is subject to higher rates, although still considerably lower than those of traditional publishers). Thus, all or most sales revenue from your Bookpress published book goes directly to you (less distribution fees to the distributor, wholesalers, retailers, etc. if enrolled in the national program).

Contract Publishing

Bookpress frequently works with companies and institutions to publish a variety of custom books, materials, and other publications for specific business purposes.