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The Moon is My Favorite Color

The Moon is My Favorite Color is the story of a little girl who thinks outside the box of crayons. She connects earthly objects to the different shades of the Moon through its phases and changes in weather, opening herself up to a new world of color. Her fresh perspective shows us how, with a little imagination and time, we can all expand our view of life around us—and beyond.

Readers can learn more about the Moon using the book’s Click & See™ interactivity that enhances the reading experience with photos and videos. Teachers will also appreciate the available free space-related activities and exercises that satisfy basic common core curriculum requirements in math, science, and English language arts.

Genre: Children's Picture Book / Fiction

Pages: 32

Price: $19.95 Hardback (US)

RELEASE DATE: September 15, 2023

Hardback: 978-1-947305-81-6
ePub: 978-1-947305-82-3

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Jill Woodward

Jill Woodward has been an artist since childhood.  She is an oil painter, who specializes in painting children’s portraits.  Jill regularly exhibits her paintings in shows and galleries.  She dedicates her free time to bringing art into her local community and enjoys creating art-focused events that engage creatives of all ages. She lives with her husband, Dennis and dog, Frida, in Dallas Center, Iowa.  She has three grown children; John, Ellen and Charles.